Northern Touch Truck Wash Announces Strategic Acquisition of Brake Mobile Wash

Northern Touch Truck Wash Acquires Brake Mobile

Bringing the Excellence of Northern Touch Directly to Your Fleet’s Doorstep

Ontario — 12/19/23 — Northern Touch Truck Wash, renowned for its premium, 24/7 hand-washing truck services, is excited to announce the acquisition of Brake Mobile Wash, a leader in mobile truck and fleet washing services. This strategic move marks a significant expansion of Northern Touch Truck Wash’s offerings, bringing exceptional quality washes directly to clients’ locations.

With this acquisition, Northern Touch Truck Wash customers gain the ease of on-site cleaning services. Whether it’s fleets, heavy machinery, automotive dealerships, graffiti removal or buildings and storefronts, the expanded offerings make Northern Touch’s superior cleaning standards more accessible and convenient.

Dylan Keller, General Manager of Brake Mobile Wash, shared his enthusiasm about the acquisition: “The team at Brake Mobile Wash is thrilled to become a part of Northern Touch Truck Wash. This move allows us to expand the services offered to Northern Touch’s extensive customer base. Together, we’re poised to provide a level of service previously unseen in Ontario’s transportation industry. As we integrate our operations, leveraging Northern Touch’s 45 years of experience and our fleet of mobile wash trucks, we are excited to offer both drive-through and on-site washing services across the province.”

About Brake Mobile Wash:

With over 15 years of experience, Brake Mobile Wash has set the industry standard for mobile washing. Their dedicated team, eco-friendly practices, and state-of-the-art equipment enrich our services, maintaining our shared dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

 About Northern Touch Truck Wash:

Northern Touch Truck Wash provides a complete wash on tractor trailers, RVs, haul trailers, and motorhomes done by humans for an unmatched wash that automated washes can’t offer. With more than 45 years of experience, Northern Touch Truck Wash consistently delivers a high-quality wash that 1000’s of customers have come to expect.

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