Is fleet washing a worthwhile investment for your business?

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Fleet managers are regularly bombarded with a number of fine details to keep tabs on in order to make their business run smoothly both on and off the road, with the most important being the upkeep of their vehicles.

Having a fleet that runs as good as it looks is crucial to timely arrivals and a strong brand image. It can also save you a lot of money, in the long-term.

This is why fleet washing is one of the best investments that you can make in your business as a fleet manager.

At Northern Touch Truck Wash, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional washout services for fleet vehicles of every kind.

To help you get the best performance and image out of your fleet, we’ve outlined the top benefits to investing in a reliable, regular fleet washing service.

From brand image and vehicle safety to environmental impact and more – you’ll be surprised at the impact that regular fleet washing can have on your business.

Let’s dive in.

A clean fleet is a reliable fleet

Fleet vehicles will see worse conditions on the road in a short period of time than most consumer cars and trucks ever will.

From grease and dirt to oil and grime, everything can collect in the undercarriage of your vehicles rather quickly. Not only can this worsen the conditions on the road for your drivers, but it can also create more stress for mechanics when it comes to locating the source of leaks and other common issues that would otherwise be easy to spot.

A proper vehicle washout will guarantee that the undercarriages of your fleet are as clean as their exteriors, ensuring a safer and more reliable drive with far less stress on the engine.

Brand image matters

Fleet washing does a lot more than just keep your vehicles clean – it draws the eyes of potential customers and lets them know that you are committed to your brand and your drivers.

Your fleet is a billboard for your business, often carrying your brand for long distances at a time. The cleaner your fleet, the easier it is to garner positive attention that can lead to new customer ventures down the road.

Clean vehicles are also a signal to your drivers that you want them to be happy in their job and take pride in their work – and happy drivers will always make for a better work community.

By committing to regular fleet washing, you are sending a message to your potential customers that your fleet drives itself with pride and prestige.

Regular fleet washing can save you money

The aerodynamics of your fleet vehicles matter immensely when they’re on the move.

Vehicles that carry too much grime buildup can quickly lose their ability to drive smoothly, resulting in a variety of different problems over time.

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, wear and tear can set in far more easily in the undercarriage of your vehicles. The drawbacks of this can range from a few simple part swaps to something far more complicated, depending upon how long the vehicle has been sitting or traveling with the buildup.

Even worse, it could mean that your drivers will experience issues while they are on the road, leading to vehicle breakdowns, lost hours of on-time or potentially far worse scenarios if left unchecked.

Committing to regular fleet washing can yield plenty of long-term savings for your business simply by helping you avoid the need for otherwise unnecessary repairs.

Outsourcing your fleet washing can also help you save on time by having your fleets washed during off-hours, leading to better on-time efficiency.

Fleet washing helps make your brand more eco-friendly

Keeping your fleet clean doesn’t just benefit your drivers and the vehicles themselves.

The amount of CO2 that a vehicle emits can be directly drawn back to its fuel consumption. This means that the more drag your drivers have to contend with on the road, the higher their fuel emissions (and fuel consumption) will be as a result.

The cleaner your fleet is, the easier the drive will be and the lower the emissions as well.

When you regularly wash your fleet, you’re not just making a commitment to your drivers and vehicles – you’re making a commitment to the planet, too.

A cleaner fleet keeps your drivers safe

Your drivers are the lifeblood of your business, and as a fleet manager you want them to be as safe as possible wherever they go.

Keeping your fleet clean means significantly less mechanical problems for your drivers to deal with on the road, giving them more time to focus on getting to their destination and less stress to contend with overall.

Washing your fleet regularly shows dedication to the safety of your drivers, and will most certainly aid in the morale of your team as a result.

Let your drivers know how you feel about them, and keep them safe on the road with regular, high-quality fleet washing.

Extend the life of your vehicles by having them cleaned regularly

No matter how new (or old) your fleet may be, your vehicles will always benefit from a thorough cleaning.

From keeping the undercarriage free of obstructions to reducing the drag and fuel consumption, every fleet wash minimizes the load that your vehicles (and drivers) have to carry – and all of this will translate directly to the lifespan and overall health of your fleet.

Vehicle repairs can be costly, especially when more than one vehicle is on the mend. Fleet washing helps reduce the risk of surprise repairs and unnecessary downtime.

Whether you’re brand-new to fleet management or an industry veteran, committing to regular high-quality fleet washing will ensure that your vehicles stay strong, durable and healthy for the entirety of their lifespan.

At Northern Touch Truck Wash, we specialize in the highest-quality, by-hand fleet washouts.

Our truck washing stations are designed to meet the needs of your fleet vehicles to keep them driving and looking their best.

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